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This document is an electronic record in terms of the amended Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules and regulation made thereunder. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures. This document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011 that require publishing the Terms for access or usage of City Dental Care’s service via City Dental Care Portal. This document meets the stipulations and conditions mentioned in Section 65B (2) of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THIS AGREEMENT: This is an agreement between you ("you" or "your") and City Dental Care, a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 with its unregistered office Rony Garments Building Debipur (R/S) PurbaBardhaman 713 146, ("City Dental Care" "we," or "our") that governs your use of the search services offered by City Dental Care through its website www.City Dental Care.com ("Website"), Information about Stars, Celebs, Business or anything,City Dental Care may provide the search services. When you access or use anything you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions ("Terms"). HOW YOU MAY USE OUR MATERIALS: We use a good range of information, text, photographs, designs, graphics, images, video recordings, content, advertisement and other materials and effects for the search services on the Platforms. We provide the Material through the Platforms FOR YOUR PERSONAL AND NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. While every attempt has been made to ascertain the authenticity of the Platforms content, City Dental Care is not liable for any kind of damages, losses or action arising directly or indirectly, due to access and/or use of the content in the Platforms including but not limited to decisions based on the content in the Platforms which results in any loss of data, revenue, profits, property, infection by viruses etc. Accordingly, you may view, use, copy, and distribute the Materials found on the Platforms for internal, non-commercial, informational purposes only. You are prohibited from data mining, scraping, crawling, or using any process or processes that send automated queries to City Dental Care. You may not use the Platforms or any of them to compile a collection of listings, including a competing listing about you and your business products. You may not use the Platforms or any Materials for any unsolicited commercial e-mail. Except as authorized in this paragraph, you are not being granted a license under any copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property right in the Materials or the products, services, processes or technology described therein. All such rights are retained by City Dental Care, its subsidiaries, parent companies, and/or any third party owner of such rights. HOW YOU MAY USE OUR MARKS: The City Dental Care company names and logos and all related products and service names, design marks and slogans are trademarks and service marks owned by and used under license from City Dental Care or it's wholly owned subsidiaries. All other trademarks and service marks herein are the property of their respective owners. All copies that you make of the Materials on any of the Platforms must bear any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notice located on the respective Platforms that pertains to the material being copied. You are not authorized to use any City Dental Care name or mark in any advertising, publicity or in any other commercial manner without the prior written consent of City Dental Care. Any query ask us City Dental Care1609@gmail.com. HOW WE MAY USE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE TO US: Do not send us any confidential or proprietary information. Except for any personally identifiable information that we agree to keep confidential as provided in our Privacy Policy, any material, including, but not limited to any feedback, data, answers, questions, comments, suggestions, ideas or the like, which you send to us will be treated as being non-confidential and nonproprietary. We assume no obligation to protect confidential or proprietary information from disclosure and will be free to reproduce, use, and distribute the information to others without restriction. We will also be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in information that you send us for any purpose whatsoever including but not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing products and services incorporating such information. REVIEWS, RATINGS & COMMENTS BY USERS: Since, City Dental Care provides information directly by Search, use any of the aforementioned medium to post Reviews, Ratings and Comments about the City Dental Care services and also about the Advertiser's listed at City Dental Care is subject to additional terms and conditions as mentioned herein. You confirm and warrant that you have the right to grant these rights to City Dental Care . You hereby waive and grant to City Dental Care all rights including intellectual property rights and also "moral rights" in your Communications, posted at City Dental Care through any of mediums of City Dental Care. City Dental Care is free to use. You represent and warrant that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to the content that you post as Review, Rating or Comments; that the content is accurate; that use of the content you supply does not violate these Terms and will not cause injury to any person or entity. For removal of doubts it is clarified that, the reference to Communications would also mean to include the reviews, ratings and comments posted by your Friend's tagged by you. Also City Dental Care reserves the right to mask or unmask your identity in respect of your Reviews, Ratings & Comments posted by you. City Dental Care has the right, but not the obligation to monitor and edit or remove any content posted by you as Review, Rating or Comments. City Dental Care cannot review all Communications made on and through any of the mediums of City Dental Care. However, City Dental Care reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor and edit, modify or delete any Communications (or portions thereof) which City Dental Care in its sole discretion deems inappropriate, offensive or contrary to any City Dental Care policy, or that violate this terms: City Dental Care reserves the right not to upload or distribute to, or otherwise publish through the Site or Forums any Communication which i. is obscene, indecent, pornographic, profane, sexually explicit, threatening, or abusive; ii. constitutes or contains false or misleading indications of origin or statements of fact; iii. slanders, libels, defames, disparages, or otherwise violates the legal rights of any third party; iv. causes injury of any kind to any person or entity; v. infringes or violates the intellectual property rights (including copyright, patent and trademark rights), contract rights, trade secrets, privacy or publicity rights or any other rights of any third party; vi. violates any applicable laws, rules, or regulations; vii. contains software viruses or any other malicious code designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; viii. impersonates another person or entity, or that collects or uses any information about Site visitors. It is also clarified that, if there are any issues or claims due to your posts by way of Reviews, Ratings and Comments, then City Dental Care reserves right to take appropriate legal action against you. Further, you shall indemnify and protect City Dental Care against such claims or damages or any issues, due to your posting of such Reviews, Ratings and Comments City Dental Care takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any content posted by you or any third party on City Dental Care site or on any mediums of City Dental Care. You further acknowledge that conduct prohibited in connection with your use of the Forums includes, but is not limited to, breaching or attempting to breach the security of the Site or any of the mediums of City Dental Care. PRIVACY POLICY: City Dental Care is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of any personal information that it may request and receive from its clients, business partners and other users of the Website. To read our privacy policy statement regarding such personal information please refer PRIVACY POLICY CONTENT DISCLAIMER: City Dental Care communicates information provided and created by advertisers, content partners, software developers, publishers, employees, users, resellers and other third parties. While every attempt has been made to ascertain the authenticity of the content on the Platforms City Dental Care has no control over content, the accuracy of such content, integrity or quality of such content and the information on our pages, and material on the Platforms may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors, and we make no guarantees, nor can we be responsible for any such information, including its authenticity, currency, content, quality, copyright compliance or legality, or any other intellectual property rights compliance, or any resulting loss or damage. Further, we are not liable for any kind of damages, losses or action arising directly or indirectly due to any content, including any errors or omissions in any content, access and/or use of the content on the Platforms or any of them including but not limited to content based decisions resulting in loss of data, revenue, profits, property, infection by viruses etc. All of the data on products and promotions including but not limited to, the prices and the availability of any product or service or any feature thereof, is subject to change without notice by the party providing the product or promotion. You should use discretion while using the Platforms . City Dental Care reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without any obligation, to make improvements to, or correct any error or omissions in, any portion of the Platforms. Where appropriate, we will endeavor to update information listed on the Website on a timely basis, but shall not be liable for any inaccuracies. All rights, title and interest including trademarks and copyrights in respect of the domain name and Platforms content hosted on the Platforms are reserved with City Dental Care. Users are permitted to read, print or download text, data and/or graphics from the Website or any other Platforms for their personal use only. Unauthorized access, reproduction, redistribution, transmission and/or dealing with any information contained in the Platforms in any other manner, either in whole or in part, are strictly prohibited, failing which strict legal action will be initiated against such users. Links to external Internet sites may be provided within the content on Website or other Platforms as a convenience to users. The listing of an external site does not imply endorsement of the site by City Dental Care or its affiliates. City Dental Care does not make any representations regarding the availability and performance of its Platforms or any of the external websites to which we provide links. When you click on advertiser banners, sponsor links, or other external links from the Website or other Platforms, your browser automatically may direct you to a new browser window that is not hosted or controlled by City Dental Care. City Dental Care and its affiliates are not responsible for the content, functionality, authenticity or technological safety of these external sites. We reserve the right to disable links to or from third-party sites to any of our Platforms, although we are under no obligation to do so. This right to disable links includes links to or from advertisers, sponsors, and content partners that may use our Marks as part of a co-branding relationship. Some external links may produce information that some people find objectionable, inappropriate, or offensive. We are not responsible for the accuracy, relevancy, copyright compliance, legality, or decency of material contained in any externally linked websites. We do not fully screen or investigate business listing websites before or after including them in directory listings that become part of the Materials on our Platforms, and we make no representation and assume no responsibility concerning the content that third parties submit to become listed in any of these directories. All those sections in the Platforms that invite reader participation will contain views, opinion, suggestion, comments and other information provided by the general public, and City Dental Care will at no point of time be responsible for the accuracy or correctness of such information. City Dental Care reserves the absolute right to accept/reject information from readers and/or advertisements from advertisers and impose/relax Platforms access rules and regulations for any user(s). City Dental Care also reserves the right to impose/change the access regulations of the Platforms , whether in terms of access fee, timings, equipment, access restrictions or otherwise, which shall be posted from time to time under these terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of users to refer to these terms and conditions each time they use the Platforms. While every attempt has been made to ascertain the authenticity of the content in the Platforms, City Dental Care is not liable for any kind of damages, losses or action arising directly or indirectly, due to access and/or use of the content in the Platforms including but not limited to any decisions based on content in the Platforms resulting in loss of data, revenue, profits, property, infection by viruses etc. WARRANTY DISCLAIMER: Please remember that any provider of goods or services is entitled to register with City Dental Care. City Dental Care does not examine whether the advertisers are good, reputable or quality sellers of goods / service providers. You must satisfy yourself about all relevant aspects prior to availing of the terms of service. City Dental Care has also not negotiated or discussed any terms of engagement with any of the advertisers. The same should be done by you. Purchasing of goods or availing of services from advertisers shall be at your own risk. We do not investigate, represent or endorse the accuracy, legality, legitimacy, validity or reliability of any products, services, deals, coupons or other promotions or materials, including advice, ratings, and recommendations contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from the Platforms. References that we make to any names, marks, products or services of third parties or hypertext links to third party sites or information do not constitute or imply our endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of the third party, of the quality of any product or service, advice, information or other materials displayed, purchased, or obtained by you as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in or in connection with the Platforms. Any use of the Platforms, reliance upon any Materials, and any use of the Internet generally shall be at your sole risk. City Dental Care disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, or operability or availability of information or material displayed in the search results in the Platforms. THE MATERIAL AND THE PLATFORMS USED TO PROVIDE THE MATERIAL (INCLUDING THE WEBSITE ) ARE PROVIDED "AS IS" AND "AS AVAILABLE" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. City Dental Care DISCLAIMS, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED UNDER LAW, ANY WARRANTIES REGARDING THE SECURITY, RELIABILITY, TIMELINESS, ACCURACY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE PLATFORMS AND MATERIALS. City Dental Care DOES NOT WARRANT THAT ANY DEFECTS OR ERRORS WILL BE CORRECTED; OR THAT THE CONTENT IS FREE OF VIRUSES OR OTHER HARMFUL COMPONENTS. City Dental Care DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTIES FOR ANY INFORMATION, GOODS, OR SERVICES, OBTAINED THROUGH, ADVERTISED OR RECEIVED THROUGH ANY LINKS PROVIDED BY OR THROUGH THE PLATFORMS SOME COUNTRIES OR OTHER JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES, SO THE ABOVE EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS THAT VARY FROM COUNTRY TO COUNTRY AND JURISDICTION TO JURISDICTION. DISCLAIMER for "City Dental Care/City Dental Care Verified stamp, City Dental Care Trusted Stamp", "City Dental Care GUARANTEE" and "City Dental Care’s Right" "City Dental Care/City Dental Care verified" means, the information related to name, address, contact details of the business establishments have been verified as existing at the time of registering any advertiser with City Dental Care. This verification is solely based on the documents as supplied by an advertiser/s or as per the details contained in Customer E-Registration Form. "City Dental Care Trusted Stamp" indicates that the identity & information of the vendors/services, viz., name, address, contact details, business name has been verified on best effort basis, as existing, based on the documents/information furnished by the vendors/service providers. “City Dental Care Trusted Stamp” are also allocated to the vendor’s/service providers considering user’s reviews/ratings or any other criteria. City Dental Care strongly recommends to its users/callers to verify all relevant details of vendors/services prior to availing any products/services from them. City Dental Care does not implicitly or explicitly endorse any product/s or services provided by the vendors/service providers. The "City Dental Care Guarantee" and "City Dental Care’s Right" is a limited assurance offered by City Dental Care that the name and contact information of the advertiser and the category in which the advertiser is listed by City Dental Care, have been verified as existing and correct at the time of the advertiser's application to register with City Dental Care. City Dental Care makes no representations or warranties, whether express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of the continued existence and/or operations of the advertiser, or the quality, quantity, merchantability or fitness for use of the goods or services offered by the advertiser. ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: Users using any of City Dental Care service across the following mediums ie. through internet ie www.City Dental Care.com Website or any other medium are bound by this additional disclaimer wherein they are cautioned to make proper enquiry before they (Users) rely, act upon or enter into any transaction (any kind or any sort of transaction including but not limited to monetary transaction ) with the Advertiser listed with City Dental Care. All the Users are cautioned that all and any information of whatsoever nature provided or received from the Advertiser/s is taken in good faith, without least suspecting the bonafides of the Advertiser/s and City Dental Care does not confirm, does not acknowledge, or subscribe to the claims and representation made by the Advertiser/s listed with City Dental Care .Further, City Dental Care is not at all responsible for any act of Advertiser/s listed at City Dental Care. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: IN NO EVENT SHALL City Dental Care BE LIABLE TO ANY USER ON ACCOUNT OF SUCH USER'S USE, MISUSE OR RELIANCE ON THE PLATFORMS FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING DIRECT, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES OR DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF PROFITS, REVENUE, USE, OR DATA WHETHER BROUGHT IN WARRANTY, CONTRACT, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INFRINGEMENT, TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE) OR OTHER THEORY, EVEN IF City Dental Care ARE AWARE OF OR HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE, ARISING OUT OF OR CONNECTED WITH THE USE (OR INABILITY TO USE) OR PERFORMANCE OF THE PLATFORMS, THE MATERIALS OR THE INTERNET GENERALLY, OR THE USE (OR INABILITY TO USE), RELIANCE UPON OR PERFORMANCE OF ANY MATERIAL CONTAINED IN OR ACCESSED FROM ANY PLATFORMS. City Dental Care DOES NOT ASSUME ANY LEGAL LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, OR USEFULNESS OF ANY INFORMATION, APPARATUS, PRODUCT OR PROCESS DISCLOSED ON THE PLATFORMS OR OTHER MATERIAL ACCESSIBLE FROM THE PLATFORMS. THE USER OF THE PLATFORMS ASSUMES ALL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK FOR THE USE OF THIS PLATFORMS AND THE INTERNET GENERALLY. THE FOREGOING LIMITATIONS SHALL APPLY NOTWITHSTANDING ANY FAILURE OF THE ESSENTIAL PURPOSE OF ANY LIMITED REMEDY AND TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED UNDER APPLICABLE LAW. SOME COUNTRIES DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF LIABILITY OF CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO ALL USERS; IN SUCH COUNTRIES LIABILITY IS LIMITED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. ELIGIBILITY : While using City Dental Care Service, you represent and confirm that: 1. You are 18 (eighteen) years of age or older; 2. You are citizen of the country, a legal resident of the country or a business entity, authorized to conduct business in that country; 3. If you are Indian then You are not 'incompetent to contract' within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1972; and 4. You are entering into and performing this Agreement, as per applicable law and are not a person debarred from using the City Dental Care Service under the laws of India or other applicable laws. 5. City Dental Care Service can any one anywhere in the world. You acknowledge that City Dental Care Services may be subject to export restrictions imposed by the laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines in force. DORMANT ACCOUNTS i. If there is no activity in your City Dental Care Account (including access or payment transactions) for a period of one (1) year, maybe we close your City Dental Care Account. 9. PRIVACY i. Your privacy is very important to us. Your accounts details in as much as the services under this terms of services are safe and secure with us. ii. By using our Service, you may receive information about Customers. You must keep such information confidential and only use it in connection with the Services. You may not disclose or distribute any such information to a third party or use the information for marketing purposes unless you receive the express consent of the Customer. PUBLICITY: i. Merchant hereby agrees and confirms to include the name and logo of City Dental Care/City Dental Care Services in all of their advertisement / promotional material upon taking written consent from City Dental Care in writing. YOUR INFORMATION i. Your privacy is very important to City Dental Care. When you using City Dental Care Pay Services, you confirm that you have read and accepted our Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy, which is accessible through the City Dental Care Pay Services and forms an integral part of this Agreement, describes how we collect and use your Information. ii. The City Dental Care reserves the right to use your Information in order to contact you in the future in relation to marketing any other products or services offered by the City Dental Care, any of its related group companies or participating merchants. iii. You shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal and sensitive data or information and you shall be responsible for all activities that occur under your use of City Dental Care Pay. You agree that if you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete or we have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or not in accordance with the this Terms of Use, we shall have the right to indefinitely suspend or block your access to City Dental Care Pay Services. YOUR USE OF OUR INFORMATION Except for Posted Information that you submit, all of the information available on or through the Services and/or the Website, including without limitation, text, photographs, video content, is owned by us and our licensors and is protected by copyright, trademark, patent and trade secret laws, other proprietary rights and international treaties. You acknowledge that the Services and any underlying technology or software used in connection with the Services contain City Dental Care's proprietary information. We give you permission to use the aforementioned content for personal, non-commercial purposes only and do not transfer any intellectual property rights to you by virtue of permitting your use of the Services. You may not copy, distribute, republish (except as permitted in this paragraph), sell, or exploit any of the content, or exploit the Website in whole or in part, for any commercial gain or purpose whatsoever. Except as is expressly and unambiguously provided herein, we do not grant you any express or implied rights, and all rights in the Website and the Services not expressly granted by us to you are retained by City Dental Care. THIRD PARTY INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE i. As some information appearing on the Website is provided to City Dental Care by third parties, City Dental Care will have no liability in respect of any loss or damage arising from third party information which appears on the Website, including the manner in which the information is displayed or information which may be: Out of date; Inaccurate; Duplication; Impersonation by a person to be another person. ii. All dealings and communication arising from City Dental Care's facilitation of interaction between Merchant and users will be between the Merchant and users only and City Dental Care is not responsible in any manner for any communication between the users and the Merchant, and has no liability in respect of such dealings whatsoever. City Dental Care is not an agent for any of the Merchants listed on this Website and City Dental Care has no responsibility for and no liability whatsoever in respect of the conduct of a Merchant or quality of service provided by a Merchant. DISCLAIMER: i. WE MAKE NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE SITE, THE PLATFORM/NETWORK AND SERVICES OFFERED. WE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF NON-INFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY, AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ii. THE City Dental Care PAY SERVICES IS PROVIDED "AS IS" "WHERE IS", "WITH ALL FAULTS" BASIS. WE MAKE NO WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN RELATION TO THE SATISFACTORY QUALITY, FITNESS FOR PURPOSE, COMPLETENESS OR ACCURACY OF THE SERVICE OFFERED THROUGH THE City Dental Care PAY. iii. WE MAKE NO WARRANTY THAT THE OPERATION OF THE City Dental Care PAY WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED, TIMELY, SECURE OR ERROR-FREE, THAT DEFECTS WILL BE CORRECTED, OR THAT THE SOFTWARE OR THE SERVER THAT MAKES IT AVAILABLE ARE FREE OF VIRUSES OR BUGS ,OR REPRESENT THE FULL FUNCTIONALITY, ACCURACY, RELIABILITY OF THE MATERIALS THEREIN. iv. CONFIDENTIALITY: You specifically agree that in order to facilitate the provision of City Dental Care PAY Services, City Dental Care may be required to disclose any information or particulars pertaining to you to any authority, statutory or otherwise. Thank You for using City Dental Care

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